The Wedge Espresso


You can just see the welcoming open windows of Wedge Espresso from Glebe Point Road, tucked away down Cowper Street. Venturing down past the 7-11 is rewarded with a red-topped stool, an escape from the Saturday crowds and an incredibly appetising breakfast and lunch menu.

Before the food, though, it’s important to mention the coffee. Their house blend is courtesy of Five Senses, with a rotating single origin option, and they’re invariably great beans, very well treated. Their macchiato ($3.50) is one of the prettiest I’ve ever been served, and they make a mean ristretto (also $3.50). Breakfast options include banana bread with maple syrup butter ($5) and the most excellent fig, ricotta, honey and pistachio toast ($9).

Of course, having breakfast at Wedge just caused me to want to go back for lunch — I somehow managed to go past both the pulled pork sandwich and ploughman’s lunch and choose the tomato salad with tuna and avocado ($12), perfect for the summer’s day. We also got a pastrami, cheese and gherkin sandwich ($9) made with excellent bread from Luxe Bakery.

The only complaint I can find about Wedge is that it’s so friendly, and the coffee is so good, that it can be difficult to leave.

Macc rating: less than three
The Wedge Espresso
53-55 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, 2037 (enter from Cowper Street)
Monday to Saturday, 8am-5pm

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