Double Roasters


These days Marrickville is certainly worth a battle with public transport to sample some outstanding cafes. This weekend, in conjunction with a mission to pick up some meat from Urban Food Market just down the road, we stopped by at Double Roasters on Victoria Road for a spot of brunch.

Double Roasters manages to pull off that somewhat-geeky, almost-hipster chic, with its exploded roaster diagram, op-shop teaspoons and multiple single origin beans on offer, but without the attitude. With bags of green beans stashed under the window seats and some dramatically different single origin offerings, the coffee is firmly centre stage. Ristrettos are served appropriately short, showcasing the beans, though their macchiato could benefit from a little less (though frothier) milk.

Breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings cover all the bases, from toast and pastries through pulled pork sandwiches to poached eggs. The zucchini and corn fritters ($12) are stacked with avocado and topped with an oozy poached egg, and a generous serving of house made baked beans with spinach, prosciutto and more poached eggs is a sweet, tomatoey steal for $12.

With friendly service, decent food and the kind of thrown together, rustic look that must have taken serious planning to achieve, Double Roasters ticks most of the weekend brunch boxes, and with the addition of a killer macchiato would be worth a special visit.

Double Roasters
199 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, 2204
Monday to Sunday from 6am

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  1. Zucchini? Learning the lingo? :)I lived in Dulwich Hill for a while… Marrickville is where you went if you wanted to get mugged. But they had some damn good butchers on what I’d now call the "high street", great for goat & mutton. That was 10 years ago mind you.Definitely interesting reading about things back in Sydney, keep it up!

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thanks Yvan – assimilation is happening, slowly. Marrickville’s now the place to be – plenty of good coffee, free range meat and hipster chic (luckily they’re not too strict on who they let in though). We’ll have to look into the persistence of goat availability – sounds good!

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