One Moncur


An impulsive house move and busy times at work have left me little time for blogging recently, but it’s not quite stopped us running around Sydney. Birthdays and the whirlwind of time that’s passed in the year since we arrived here gave us a great excuse to venture out East(ish) to Woollahra in search of Champagne and reminisce about our largely vineyard-based honeymoon.

One Moncur is a newly refurbished corner pub at the intersection of Moncur and Wallis Streets, and it’s well worth venturing past the slightly scruffy exterior to the plush fit out and pulling up a seat alongside the locals. Aside from the usual suspects (and of course enough beer, wine and spirits to satisfy anyone who’s not quite convinced about the bubbles), the champagne list has a healthy representation of grower champagnes: those grown and produced in small quantities, often carrying on the family tradition. This was what we were here for, so we opted for glasses of the Jean-Paul Perardel ($16) to kick off proceedings. With 60% pinot meunier, this certainly isn’t your average glass of Veuve — and all the better for it. My only criticism: the straight sided flutes don’t really do the delicate, yeasty flavours justice.

My one gripe, however, was easily forgiven with our second choice: a half bottle of Pierre Gerbais NV ($61), a fresher, sweeter drop served in matching coupes. There’s also a short but well curated selection of cheese and charcuterie to keep the champagne drinking going: a ploughman’s platter (I never can quite resist a pork pie) came with pickles, clothbound cheddar, salami and sun dried tomatoes.

With a good stream of corks popping, One Moncur certainly brought back memories of sipping grower champagnes in the cafes and bars of Epernay. I just hope that the trend towards grower champagnes in Sydney continues!

One Moncur
One Moncur Street, Woollahra, 2025
Monday to Saturday, 4-11pm; Sunday 4-10pm

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